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Customized Program For Your Company

Stephen Gendel and the IPR core team of specialists work with you
to discuss your needs and objectives,
and develop a program specifically for your company


 Develop a consistent news flow

  • Create a regular stream of press releases to establish and maintain credibility
  • Communications should be aimed at multiple audiences, from investors to potential end-users (physicians)

Associate you with topics in the news

  • Position your leadership to chime in on relevant items ranging from the flu season to vaccines
  • Position appropriate patient stories for the news media


Develop sharply focused messages

  • Apply these messages to website and press releases
  • Create unique content with video


Our Clients

We have worked with clients from start-up to IPO or acquisition; from pre-clinical to clinical to marketed products; Fortune 500 companies to not-for-profit advocacy organizations.

Our full list of clients ranges from a Fortune 500 global biopharmaceutical company to small and emerging biotechnology companies, a European research consortium, and multiple patient advocacy organizations. A complete list available on request.  

Recent Former Client

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Special Projects

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Working With
Initiate PR & Video

  • IPR works with clients as a full-service agency.
  • We typically bill our work as “fee-for-service” using a modular approach — you pay for only those activities that you need and use.
  • We are committed to transparency in all our dealings with our clients and can provide estimates of the costs of individual activities before they are undertaken.