Stephen Gendel

Managing Partner

Stephen Gendel has been a public relations executive for nearly 15 years building on 25 years of experience in broadcasting.

Stephen has worked in radio and television, local and national, in Boston, Washington DC, Los Angeles and New York. He created the medical beat at the CBS television station in Washington DC, was medical correspondent for CBS News Nightwatch with Charlie Rose and served as Chief Science and Medical Correspondent at CNBC. He has a Peabody, three EMMYs and numerous other awards.

Stephen started in public relations as Vice President for Corporate Communications at Noonan Russo, specializing in biotechnology where he managed a portfolio of international clients. He later moved to the Chandler Chicco agency before starting his own boutique agency Gendel Lindheim Biocom Partners in New York. In 2012 Stephen moved his base of operations to Los Angeles and spun-off his portion of the agency to create Initiate PR.

Stephen has helped launch companies and products, and specializes in patient advocacy fighting for innovation and access so patients have the latest treatments despite misinformation about the price of new medications.




Adolpho Ayala

and General Manager

Adolpho oversees all company business affairs. He also provides creative input on client projects, attends all client meetings, medical events and conferences, where he facilitates on-site affairs for patients, doctors and other invitees.

Adolpho utilizes his ability to prioritize and plan effectively to coordinate IPR’s work with advocacy groups and other organizations.

On the creative side, Adolpho handles social media for our ongoing campaigns. He drafts content and manages a balanced flow of information.

Our Core Team

Peggy Frank

Executive Vice President
for Client Relations

Peggy applies her MBA and her experience with a major medical institution to communications strategies and media relations for biotechnology firms, hospitals, healthcare technologies, non-profit advocacy, medical foundations and government relations.

Deanne Eagle

Media Specialist
New York

With her extensive online, print and broadcast journalism contacts, Deanne consistently generates top-tier media stories for IPR’s science, technology and biotech clients. Deanne represents IPR National in New York.

Mark Weinberg

Speech Writer
New Jersey

A former advisor to President Ronald Reagan and former White House spokesperson, Mark provides communications counsel to corporate and public sector clients in consumer products, publishing, health care, biotechnology and film & television production.

Ashley Swango

Media Monitoring 
Los Angeles, CA

Ashley specializes in online research and uses her skills to create daily media reports for our clients. Prior to Initiate PR, she was in managing marketing programs for a Fortune 500 I.T. distribution company, as well as small business marketing which included creating web content, social media management, online and email advertising, and copy writing. 

Amanda Romeo

Business Affairs 
Los Angeles, CA

Amanda Romeo is a QuickBooks Expert, Trainer and Bookkeeper. Since 2013, she has been instrumental in maintaining IPRs bookkeeping , provides continuous organizational assistance, and works closely with our accountant.

Rx Communications

Investor Relations Partner

Headquartered in New York City in the heart of the midtown financial district This is a leading US investor relations firm within the life sciences and healthcare industries. The firm works with private and public companies in all developmental stages; preclinical, start-up to commercialization, well established. Rx Communications has counseled more than 200 CEOs and CFOs since 2000.