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Professional Videos, Creative Content and Special Services

Our extensive professional background helps us create interviews, webcasts, panels, corporate videos and patient videos.

Using our Emmy award-winning talents, IPR works internationally to create effective videos for websites, meetings, fundraising, media and social media. We team with network-quality camera crews and our highly skilled editor to complete your projects with a professional look and feel.

We have multi-lingual capabilities as well and have conducted interviews in Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.

We even produced a client video to run in the unique, three-tiered format on the NASDAQ tower in Times Square.

eRace Cancer Campaign videos

CardioVascular Research Foundation Video


Media Training & Speaker Coaching

We use our years of interviewing to pass along the skills you need to get across your message effectively, while avoiding common pitfalls. And how to hold your audience’s interest.

“I’m in Charge!” Alexander Haig, then Secretary of State, made that statement in response to a question the day President Reagan was shot in March 1981. The problem is he was not in charge, and the statement was a serious blow to his credibility from which his reputation never fully recovered.

The reporter who asked Gen. Haig, “Who’s in charge,” was our own Stephen Gendel. He is now available to help YOU avoid making the same type of mistake.

Media Outreach

IPR’s team of seasoned media professionals use their wide-ranging contacts to serve clients’ needs.

Our team of media specialists develops news making messages that we use to attract media attention, contact our key media contacts and place targeted print articles and broadcast stories.


“Madison Vaccine to be Tested in Combination Prostate Cancer Treatment”

Published in Xconomy’s Biotech & Health (read article)

“Nab-Paclitaxel Wins Neoadjuvant Taxane Battle in Breast Cancer Trial”

Published in CureToday, Targeted Oncology, OncLive, as well as international multi-lingual coverage in Repubblica.it


“Take two of these, and go to the gym” (read article)

Published in Bloomberg Business Week


Social Media

Initiate PR & Video has the expertise to utilize social media for engagement resulting in mainstream media placements.

We created a social media campaign—6 years and running strong—to raise awareness of Multiple Myeloma and innovative new therapeutics through the story of a marathon runner who began running when he was diagnosed 13 years ago, he has just completed 100 marathons since then, and he is 75 years old! Facebook and Twitter campaigns have had great reach and have also resulted in mainstream media placements—including radio, TV and print.

eRace Cancer Campaign

Facebook and Twitter followers include influencers such as:

  • Runner’s World
  • Scientific American
  • AARP
  • ASH
  • MD Anderson Cancer Center
  • MMRF
  • Leukemia-Lymphoma Society

Social Media Leads To Mainstream Media including:

  • CNN
  • Runner’s World
  • Portland Press Herald 
  • Anchorage Daily News
  • Local NBC TV (WCSH, Portland & WLBZ, Bangor, ME)
  • CTV News, Edmonton, Canada
  • Local Fox TV, Houston


* 344,000 views on TODAY Show Facebook Page! 

* 3 million retweets from Vancouver Sun article!

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Corporate Communications

IPR and our predecessor company have supported many companies through merger/acquisition, and often the larger acquiring company became our client.

Acquired by Fisher Scientific; we continued to represent DHARMACON as a division of Fisher until Fisher itself merged.


When our client Molecular Probes was acquired by Invitrogen, Invitrogen hired us and the larger company became our client until they too merged and were acquired.


Our client Acuity was acquired by Froptix. The new company OPKO became our client.


We took our client Orexigen to IPO.


Our IR Partners


Corporate Materials

We pair our creative writing skills with expert design capabilities to develop corporate materials including:

  • Articles and Commentaries
  • Presentations
  • Press Releases
  • Annual Reports
  • Speechwriting
  • Websites
  • Webcasts and Workshops
  • Videos
  • Corporate Brochures
  • Product Launches
  • Support at International Medical Meetings

Meetings, Workshops, Webcasts

Annual Reports, Brochures, Websites