Patient Power® to Announce a New, Patient-Driven, Grassroots Initiative to Accelerate Genetic Testing and Advanced Cancer Care at the Precision Medicine World Conference 2017

Patient Power® to Announce a New, Patient-Driven, Grassroots Initiative to Accelerate Genetic Testing and Advanced Cancer Care at the Precision Medicine World Conference 2017, Wed. Jan. 25th

— Internet Patient Empowerment Pioneers Andrew and Esther Schorr Will Bring the Patient Voice to this Meeting of Researchers and Physicians in Silicon Valley —

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Jan 24, 2017, 10:03 ET

CARLSBAD, Calif. and MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Jan. 24, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — PATIENT POWER®, connecting patients and advocates with knowledge and experts, today announced plans to unveil a new program to help patients take full advantage of the growing advances in precision medicine, including information about and access to genetic testing. The details will be presented as part of a panel Andrew and Esther Schorr will lead at the PRECISION MEDICINE WORLD CONFERENCE 2017 in Silicon Valley in northern California, How Immuno-oncology Saved My Life: A Patient’s Perspective.

The Schorrs, along with two Bay Area stage IV lung cancer patients whose lives have been extended by leading-edge treatments, will address the conference Wednesday, Jan. 25 at 10:30 A.M.

“Esther and I have been dealing with cancer for 20 years, myself as a patient, Esther as a caregiver, and both of us as advocates,” said Andrew Schorr, co-founder and President of Patient Power. “It is important to bring the patient voice to this meeting of doctors and researchers, so they can relate their work on the medicine of tomorrow by meeting and hearing from some of the actual patients that they are helping today.”

Esther Schorr added, “At a time when, sadly, most patients do not get state-of-the art testing and access to promising clinical trials, our goal is to bring patients the latest information so they can take control and get the quality care they need and deserve, and help remove obstacles such as cost and insurance that may slow access.”

The new “Precision Medicine and Me” initiative is the latest in a series of grass roots efforts by Patient Power, Antidote, and Patients Like Me as well as other partner organizations, to educate and empower patients. At the Precision Medicine World Conference, two cancer patients from northern California will join the Schorrs to share their patient perspective on the important role of immuno-oncology and breakthrough targeted therapies and how they have extended their lives:

Donald Stranathan, whose lung cancer has been treated successfully with new drugs that support the immune system, but who worries about where the next drug will come from when his cancer develops resistance to the current treatments.

Lisa Goldman, also a lung cancer patient, is the mother of two young children. “I have a cancer characterized by a specific genetic mutation. I was completely misdiagnosed at first, and I did not get effective treatment until my genetic mutation was identified. I am an example of how people can benefit from personalized or precision medicine, but the delays are unacceptable.”

Patient Power brings the latest information about diagnostics, therapeutics, and support resources to patients and their care partners. At the Precision Medicine Conference, they will bring patient stories to researchers to encourage them, thank them, and illustrate clearly how their work saves lives but that many more patients need access to advanced medicine.


Patient Power® is a service of Patient Power, LLC led by founders Andrew and Esther Schorr, supported by team members around the world. They are committed to helping each person they touch approach their illness in a way that gives them the best chance of good health: getting smart about their diagnosis, seeking out the best healthcare providers, getting second and even third opinions on what approach to take – including, if appropriate, participating in a clinical trial, and drawing on others for support.


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