NEVER UNDER-ESTIMATE THE HUMAN SPIRIT – PART 2 – My Thoughts After Watching the Boston Marathon 2018

By Don Wright, runner with cancer

 As someone who has run 100 Marathons, all with cancer (multiple myeloma), while on treatment, Monday’s Boston Marathon was an education in the human spirit.

Yesterday, I wrote about the American woman who won the race. Today, let me say that this year’s men’s winner was equally surprising. Yuki Kawauchi is known as the “citizen runner” of Japan. He trains on his own dime, as he never accepts any endorsements. He runs almost one marathon a month, sprinkling half-marathons and shorter races in between those. He has run four marathons already this year, winning all of them. He warmed up for Boston by running a half marathon in a panda suit, finishing second in that race. He holds the world record for marathons finished under 2 hours 20 minutes, a total so far of 79, and has finished 25 of those under 2:12. He’ll race another half marathon this coming weekend.

As I stated before, the Boston Marathon 2018 was treated to heavy rain, numbing temperatures, and squalling winds. So just how did the weather affect Yuki? He said, “For me, these are the best conditions possible.” I couldn’t possibly agree more! For us runners, the weather does not bother us at all.

Here’s a pic from 2003 of yours truly from my very FIRST Marathon in Duluth, MN! The weather was in the 70’s, if I recall correctly. I still can’t believe I completed 99 more over the years!

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