NEVER UNDER-ESTIMATE THE HUMAN SPIRIT – PART 1 – My Thoughts After Watching the Boston Marathon


By Don Wright, Runner with Cancer

As someone who has run 100 Marathons, all with cancer (multiple myeloma), while on treatment, Monday’s Boston Marathon was an education in the human spirit.

On Monday we were treated to one of the best running shows in history, with all of the expected winners falling by the wayside one by one, and some really tough people flying by – in heavy rain, numbing temperatures, and squalling winds. So exciting. I’m still chortling about it.

The Women’s Winner, One-hundred-pound Desiree Linden, was truly inspirational. No one expected her to win the race, not even herself. She stated that in the early running she didn’t feel strong and considered dropping out. But she pushed through and she almost appeared to get stronger as she came closer to the finish.Coming down the stretch on Boylston Street, while we watched her approach the finish, she never bothered to look back.

I can totally relate to the pushing through aspect, running in all kinds of weather conditions. Extreme heat in Hawaii, and here I am in the Little Rock Marathon, which was called off due to cold and ice. Luckily, I was far along enough that I was allowed to finish.

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