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Initiate PR Sub Heading

a boutique public relations agency servicing the healthcare sector

including emerging biotechnology companies and patient advocacy organizations


Discover how Initiate PR can help your business:



Strategic Communications

IPR’s journalistic savvy enables us to craft messaging that excites the broadcast, online and print

Videos & Creative Content

Our extensive professional background helps us create interviews, webcasts, panels, corporate videos and patient videos.

Media Training & Speaker Coaching

We use our years of interviewing to pass along the skills you need to get across your message effectively, while avoiding common pitfalls. And how to hold your audience’s interest.


IPR’s team of seasoned media professionals use their wide-ranging contacts to serve clients’ needs.


Initiate PR has the expertise to utilize social media for engagement resulting in mainstream media placements.

Corporate Communications

IPR and our predecessor company have supported many companies through merger/acquisition, and often the larger acquiring company became our client.

Corporate Materials

We pair our creative writing skills with expert design capabilities to develop corporate materials.



Our depth of experience, our industry and media contacts, and our expertise enable us to achieve outstanding results for a wide range of clients.

Our solid grounding in broadcast journalism enables us to create compelling messaging and branding in all media –
traditional, specialty, social and digital.